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Cyberninjaz was founded in 2014 by a group of educators and professionals with a passion for education and workforce development. Our goal is to help kids and young adults develop into more educated, disciplined, empowered, and well-rounded individuals with the skills needed to work in the modern digital era.

At Cyberninjaz, our counselors work closely with each camper on personalized week-long projects that the children create themselves. We instruct the campers from the earliest stages of designing their projects to the final stages of presenting their impressive work at the end of the week. In addition to working on projects, we provide plenty of time for play, exercise, and relaxation. We schedule at least one hour of outdoor play each day to make sure our campers get the proper mix of physical and mental exercise during the creation of their projects.

Our camp counselors are a group of talented STEAM professionals, as well as passionate educators. Each counselor comes from a different background and each brings a different area of expertise to help your camper build skills that will last long after camp ends. This not only allows us to bring a variety of individual skills to the camp, but also allows the campers to experience firsthand how these different STEAM fields work together to create exceptional projects.

We know from experience that the best, most innovative projects are constructed when one is happy, healthy, and when individuality and creativity are encouraged, so we promote these qualities in every camper. At the end of their time with us, we want to make sure that every camper:

· Has fun
· Learns as much as possible
· Is motivated to keep creating
· Increases their self-esteem

We also hope each camper walks away with knowledge and skills that will help them in their personal lives and ultimately, their professional lives. Outside of our summer camp, Cyberninjaz also works on many different projects including bridging the digital divide by reaching out to underrepresented demographics in STEM, creating our own in-house games and applications, creating assets (sprite sheets, 3D models, sound effects, etc.) for us and our campers to use, reaching out to help the community through non-profit endeavors, and much more.


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