Questions you may have for us?

What are the drop off and pickup times?

Drop off is when camp starts at 9:00am Monday-Friday. Pickup is when camp ends at 5:00pm Monday-Thursday. On Friday, we end camp a little early because of the student presentations. Morning care starts at 8:00am Monday-Friday, and after care goes until 6:00pm Monday-Friday.

How long is the program?

We offer both one and two week programs for most of our courses. Although, we make sure to have enough content to keep teaching and challenging the camper for the entire summer if they want to take the same course for more than two weeks! (Some of our courses may only be offered as two week programs, or may only be offered during select weeks. Check the course descriptions here for more details)

Will snacks be provided?

Yes. We will provide snacks such as chips, crackers, gummies, juice, and water. We will also cater to any dietary restrictions.

Am I limited to only one course throughout the summer?

No. When signing up, you may choose different courses for each week that the camper is attending.

Am I limited to only one course per week?

In short, yes. This course acts as the camper's "focus". In order to make sure the camper can finish a project by the end of each week, we must limit them to only one course (i.e. "focus") per week. However, we heavily encourage interdisciplinary activities and projects, and if the camper shows interest in other areas, or in other campers' projects, we will incorporate that into their personal curriculum.

What if I don't know which course the camper should sign up for?

No problem. Let us help you! When signing up, you may choose the "not too sure" option in place of a course. When the camper shows up, we will show them all the things we do and help them find something they are interested in.

Do we offer an installment plan?

Not at the moment, but we are working on it. Check back soon!

Do we offer scholarships?

Yes! We have a scholarship application page that can be found here. We are currently collecting funding through a GoFundMe campaign: Scholarships for Cyberninjaz, and deeply thank all our supporters. As we get funding for our scholarship program, we will contact any applicants with information on how to proceed.

Why should your child become a Cyberninja this summer?

Our emphasis on creativity and fun while learning the latest in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) topics makes our program a uniquely well-rounded experience for your child. In addition, our seasoned counselors are highly qualified in their area of expertise and will enthusiastically engage your camper in activities that build camaraderie and self-esteem, making us a premier choice in summer camps.


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