The story of Cyberninjaz

Known for remarkable computer skills, Verdant seeks to fix problems with programs such as glitches and poor code writing. Verdant vows to rid the Cyberverse of all improper code while fighting against the deceptive and pranking Malbytes and Trolls. Equipped with a trusty laptop named "Trusty" that has loads of processing power and plenty of hard drive space. Verdant can use good ol’ Trusty to hack into most computer systems and take down most firewalls. When Verdant is not programming, time is spent hanging out with the Cyberninja crew or training the body with Wind style Cyberninjutsu, throwing digistarz and practicing swordplay.
Azule is cool and confident. This easy going ninja is a master at multitasking. Using a self designed super powered cell phone Azule can perform almost any task from any location. It’s not as powerful as Verdant’s Trusty, but it far more versatile. It uses apps Azule creates to assist in everything from managing Fen’s 3D model power sets to gaining platform access for scouting missions. The Super Cellphone maps the areas Azule has been to be stored for future use. Its internal GPS system is top notch making Azule the Team Navigator. If there is a task to be done, Azule has made an app for it. Azule’s cell phone being small also helps in scenarios where concealment is required. Azule is calm, but almost always on some kind of mission. Azule practices the water style Cyberninjutsu with a chain whip and nunchuku.
"Furious Fen" aka "Firey Fen" is the most passionate and creative of the Cyberninjaz. Being an Artsy Martialist Fen often creates 3D models of kicking creatures, beautiful buildings, wowing weapons and cool tools. Verdant writes programs giving life to these constructs that Azule uploads into his apps designed to designate abilities, placement, and strategies for the constructs. Fen is the fiercest fighter of the Cyberninjaz. It is said, “The Trash Bin hath no fury, like Furious Fen." That said, Fen has a soft side. Though the angriest, Fen is also the happiest, saddest, and most dedicated. Fen's creativity is rooted in this ninja's extreme personality. This hothead ninja loves to make stories, have tea time and fight with the creative constructs. To Fen they are not only tools, but toys. Fen looks up to Izulu the most as both are extremely powerful. Though creating powerful creatures, weapons, and accessories, Fen practices the Fire style of Cyberninjutsu. When asked about the weapon of choice, Fen merely replies, "These Hands"
Izulu is the Senpai of the Cyberninjaz. Working in the shadows Izulu guides the rest by example. Mentoring the crew via personal instruction and pranks Izulu makes sure they continue to learn and stay challenged. Izulu is often at least one step ahead of others. The most secretive and powerful of the Cyberninjaz. Only Grandmaster Sensei outranks Izulu in power. With the Electric style of Cyberninjutsu Izulu serves as a reserve charger for the Cyberninjaz and shocks opponents with speed, strength and a towering sword. Serving as the eldest sibling, this Cyberninja is in constant search to educate and challenge the team, protecting them when necessary, for there are constant changes in the Cyberverse.


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