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Let us find a class just for you.

Below is a list of all the courses offered for the upcoming summer. Take a look to see what your camper might be interested in. If you’re unsure of which specific courses to sign up for right now, have no worry! We advise you to sign up for every course you and/or your child expresses interest in. We will be happy to work with you and/or your camper when you show up to create the perfect personalized curriculum. We can show you what we do, and help your camper find something they will enjoy.

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2D Game Design

gamesalad - photoshop

With Gamesalad, a free game designing software, students have the opportunity to gain full control of their game creation experience. Using visual block coding they will piece together functions and formulas to make their game work. Students will learn from and add to our own Cyberninjaz video games. Using storyboarding, sprite animation, illustration, level design, and programming, students create their own amazing adventure.

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Java Programming


Learning one of the most commonly used programming languages can come in handy in the future. In our Java course, kids will learn how to use conditional statements and how to differentiate between types of variables. They will write and use methods, implement console input/output, and even generate graphics in their own programs! Some of our best projects have come from java programming.

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Video Production


Storytelling is something most kids love to do. This course will teach students the various aspects of film. They will learn how to plan a project, write a script, direct, act, and edit a film. Using Adobe Premiere students will edit video using titles, transitions, and layering. There will be an option to publish their completed video on youtube for shared viewing pleasure!

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3D Animation

cinema 4D

In this class students will learn more about the process and development of 3D design. Using Cinema 4D, students will create 3D models from scratch while learning animation, textures, design, and rendering.

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Web Design

dreamweaver - photoshop - illustrator

This is a great introduction class for learning how web design works. In this class students will work the basics of html and css programing along with page layout and content placement.

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Comic and Digital art

photoshop - illustrator

Here's a great class that teaches kids the importance of storylines, concept art, and design. Starting with pencil and paper sketches, students will take their art to the computer using programs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. The finished product will be a digitally polished comic strip!

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2D Animation

photoshop - illustrator

Have you ever wondered how animation really works? In this class students will use various programs, sounds, and music to create an animated story. This course will guide students in their artistic directing talents to produce a fun animated short!

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Cyberninjaz offers traditional math tutoring, but we also will be covering math topics related to computer science and game design. These topics include: Discrete Math, Number Theory, Statistics, Algebra, Trigonometry, and Deductive Logic.

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Junior Cyberninjaz

anything and everything

We have introduced a new program specifically tailored for our younger campers (ages 7 and below). As a Junior Cyberninja, your child will still get the full Cyberninjaz experience, but with more of an emphasis on activity and play, and slightly less of an emphasis on the traditional week long project. Instead, they will work on one or more smaller projects covering a much wider area of topics where they will learn about the internet, game design, video production, 2D and 3D graphic, how to collaborate, and more. Our goal is to keep these energetic young Cyberninjaz even more engaged and entertained than ever before.

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